Ulster City Council plans to add zoning requirements with legal marijuana retail plans – Daily Freeman

CITY OF ULSTER, NY – City Council expects zoning requirements to be included in plans to allow the retail sale of cannabis while also denying on-site consumption provisions in the law of the ‘State.

The need for land use regulations was discussed at a meeting on Thursday, November 18, after officials said zoning would also include on-site consumption amid fears the state could override the wish of the city not to have smoking lounges.

“He was referred to the meeting (December 2) with a request from the city attorney to expand the legislation to make arrangements to establish zoning requirements for consumer lounges,” Supervisor James Quigley said. . “If we opt for the withdrawal now and in the future, we agree to participate, we will have defined the zoning impacts.

“There have been discussions that the state will roll back local opt-out laws and allow consumer lounges anyway,” he added, “and we hope to establish a zoning regulator. to process the site if we were to be mandated by the state to authorize consumer lounges.

Board members fear that when the state begins issuing business licenses, the city will not be fully prepared for the change in consumer activity.

Councilor Clayton VanKleeck said: “We are trying to determine if something like a salon is known to be harmful to a community… or if it is better to have a place where it is consumed. “We recognize that… we are standing at the base of a waterfall trying to regulate the water but we cannot. We can only regulate what is going to happen around us.

One of the concerns regarding the authorization of salons is the difficulty police would have in determining to what extent drivers driving vehicles immediately after consuming cannabis may be affected.

City Police Chief Kyle Berardi said: “Evidence based on marijuana impairment is limited compared to evidence based on alcohol impairment.”

Under New York’s Marijuana Legalization Act, signed in September, municipalities can refuse to allow marijuana retail outlets and smoking lounges, provided they make the decision by the 31st. December. Other types of cannabis businesses are not subject to local rules. State licenses for cultivation, processing and distribution would be included.

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