The volume of imported fruit boxes increased by almost 30% over one year

On January 6, Shenzhen Yantian International Container Terminal Co., Ltd. (Yantian Port) hosted the first Evergreen “Ever Lawful” vessel for the direct and express transport of Chilean cherries, which is now the first direct service of Chilean cherries. With the arrival of new products such as Thai longan and Chilean cherries, the Yantian port area has become a “fruit basket” for the citizens of Shenzhen and the Greater Bay Area.

In order to meet citizens’ demand for imported fruit, in addition to international express ships, Yantian Port also opened barge service directly from Hong Kong to Yantian Port, transferring nearly 100 containers of cherries imported from Chile from Hong Kong to Port Yantian, serving the general public. Through the 15 existing barge lines, Yantian International also connects terminals in Hong Kong, the Pearl River Delta, east and west of Guangdong to connect with very large vessels, making it easier to navigate. rapid distribution of goods in the Pearl River Delta and surrounding areas.

According to the report, in 2021, as part of the prevention and control of pandemic orders and in coordination with production and operation, the volume of fruit crates imported to Yantian Port increased by nearly 30% from year on year, and nearly 15 new varieties of imported fruit have been added. The fresh and sweet quality of the mangosteen, grapes, durian and longan imported by the Yantian Port area is favored by consumers. While providing efficient services, Yantian International is also committed to making Yantian Port a cold chain logistics service complex with the shortest customs clearance time, the lowest logistics cost, the highest security. and the most complete functions.

In addition, Yantian International is vigorously developing the cold chain import and export business, and the annual import of cold chain products exceeds 100,000 TEUs. With its international routes and service advantages, Yantian International has become the third largest frozen meat import port in the country, and it is the preferred port for cold chain imports in southern China, accounting for more 90% of Shenzhen’s frozen meat imports. .

Source: FruitReviewer

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