Sales could reach $ 859 billion this holiday season as shoppers scramble to find last-minute giveaways

November and December sales could increase by up to 11.5% from 2020, according to the National Retail Federation. Sales could reach $ 859 billion this holiday season.

USA Today Author and Retail and Workplace Correspondent Charisse Jones told “CBS Mornings” that sales were on the rise because Americans were anxiously awaiting the holiday season.

“A lot of people have extra money because the wages have gone up a bit this year. dunning checks and the child tax credits. So people have a little more money in their pockets. They can’t wait to get out and shop, ”Jones said

But for many, some of the items on their holiday wishlists will not go under their Christmas trees due to national supply chain problems.

“The supply chain is causing issues. Okay, I mean some of the things you really want on your vacation list just weren’t there this year. [shoppers] had to improvise a bit to get everything on their list, ”Jones said.

Jones said Americans spend their money on classic toys like Barbie dolls, Legos, and Nerf items. Household items like Instant Pots and Roomba vacuums as well as clothing were also popular.

But electronics remain supreme this holiday season, with many shoppers keen to buy smartphones, the Nintendo Switch, Xbox and more. game consoles that were difficult to locate online.

Physical stores have seen an increase in the number of shoppers due to the limited supply of electronic devices found online.

“Well, they’ve really served a purpose this year because of the supply chain issues. So a lot of people were going online, looking for what they wanted, that doll or that PlayStation, and if they got it. were in a local store, they would go there immediately, pick it up – that way you don’t have to wait, you don’t pay the shipping costs, ”Jones added.

Shopping malls have also seen an increase in foot traffic over the past two months as many shoppers, especially younger ones, feel more comfortable leaving their homes.

“I think you really miss the crowds from before this year, going through the pandemic. So people really wanted to go out and shop in person more this year,” Jones said.

Jones recommends gift cards if shoppers can’t find their items until Christmas Day. These hard to find items may become available within weeks after Hollidays.

“So next year when the inventory opens up the supply chain moves a little better, you can find that great gift that you couldn’t get before and maybe even save a few bucks because there has a lot more available and not as much as a clamor for it. And that can really help you too, ”Jones said.

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