OUR VIEWPOINT: We should import the Canadian tradition |


Just imagine adding 24 extra hours to Christmas.

Another day was added at the end.

Enter Boxing Day, which we firmly believe has the potential to be the largest Canadian import since Labatt Blue and Eugene Levy.

In the UK and countries of the former British Empire, December 26th (although sometimes later, depending on the calendar) is billed as a public holiday. It is believed that the term comes from the day when servants or other people who had to work on Christmas Day received their gifts. As in, boxes.

Over the years, Boxing Day has turned into a big retail day, but it’s also a time to eat plenty of leftovers and recuperate at home wearing pajamas.

In other words, for rest.

This is something that we can really support.

In a time of so much conflict over vaccines and masks and seemingly everything in between, creating a whole day of doing nothing is clearly something that could unite us.

Several years ago, President Barack Obama issued an Executive Order granting Federal Employees Boxing Day.

Let’s make Boxing Day one thing here.

Of course, there are pesky mechanical issues like work schedules and budgets. You could make a political argument about the labor shortage and encourage people not to work. And after three years of COVID, the last thing some might want is another day at home.

We say these critics can still work on December 26th.

The rest of us will be here on the couch next to the pile of gift wrap taking a nap.

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