OJK is calling on people to report illegal lenders online to the police

People who have borrowed from illegal lenders online and have been charged, please report them to the police

Solo, Central Java (ANTARA) – The Financial Services Authority (OJK) has called on those caught in the clutches of illegal internet lenders to report to the police so that action can be taken against the lenders without delay.

“For those who have borrowed from illegal internet lenders and have been charged, please report them to the police,” Financial Services Authority Board of Commissioners chairman Wimboh Santoso said on Monday.

To date, OJK has issued authorizations for 104 legal online lending services, he said. Then he asked the public to avail of legal services.

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“But if there is an online loan that is legal (but) unruly, report it to the Financial Services Authority and report violators to the police. Meanwhile, if there are illegal loans beyond 104 (registered with us), please report them to the Financial Services Authority. For those who took out illegal loans and were (by them) accused, please report them to the police as it is illegal “- added.

To date, OJK continues to disseminate information to the public lest they be tempted to apply for online loans from sites that are not authorized, it said.

Meanwhile, the mayor of Surakarta, Gibran Rakabuming Raka, said his administration receives online loan reports on a daily basis.

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“There are many injured, there are a few, but not hundreds (a day). They complain about problems with settlements ”- he informed.

He said people also complained about the misuse of their names or ID cards.

“(It was reported to the police, we are also working with the Financial Services Authority. This (illegal borrowing) has gone down a bit, but reports are still coming in every day,” he added.

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