Offer other options in addition to the PeduliLindungi: House Speaker app

Regardless of the new system or tool to be used later, the government must ensure that the tool containing citizens’ personal data is tight

Jakarta (ANTARA) – Speaker of the House of Representatives Puan Maharani emphasized the importance of providing the public with options for the public beyond the PeduliLindungi application.

“Therefore, providing options other than PeduliLindunga’s proposal is important for the government to guarantee the rights of citizens,” noted the chairman of the Jakarta House of Representatives on Monday.

Maharani praised the government’s plan not to make PeduliLindungi the only application to check access to public transport or spaces.

She stressed that other protocols for citizens, such as providing vaccination certificates and COVID-19 test results, must be implemented as early as possible as they are important.

“Every citizen who has a sophisticated or less sophisticated smartphone, and even those who do not have a” smartphone “, must have the same access rights to public space and transport, she assured.

Maharani called for the highest priority to be given to all options provided by the government, with the exception of the PeduliLindung app, which guarantees the protection of citizens’ personal data.

This was because all mechanisms must use a single identification number as main data, she noted.

“No matter what new system or tool is used later, the government must ensure that the tool containing citizens’ personal data is tight,” emphasized Maharani.

The Marshal of the Chamber requires this guarantee so that no one is harmed as a result of the leakage of his personal data.

Maharani considered the personal data protection guarantee important as the government involved the private sector in integrating the PeduliLindungi application system with other private application systems.

“Cooperation with the private sector in the form of systems integration must have clear rules, so that citizens’ personal data is adequately protected and does not fall to irresponsible parties, such as illegal online loans and so on,” she emphasized.

Maharani reminded all parties, such as the government and the private sector, to pay special attention to the protection of citizens’ personal data, while the House of Representatives and the government discussed the Personal Data Protection Act.

The Speaker of the House called on the government and the private sector to educate the public on the protection of personal data. This measure needs to be taken so that people have a solid understanding of the necessary steps to take in the event of leakage or misuse of their personal information.

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