Mike Postle claims he owes his mother over $ 80,000. dollars in connection with the fight for bankruptcy

23 oct

Alleged poker cheater Mike Postle has he named his mother as his greatest creditor as he fights to avoid bankruptcy. Among twenty-five companies and people he claims he owes more than 80 thousand USD from over 270 thousand. USD these are loans from your own mother.

The amazing revelation comes when Postle comes face to face potential bankruptcy of over 55 thousand dollars in debt he owes him Veronica Brill and Todd Witteles, after successfully contesting the expenses after Postle withdrew its defamation lawsuit.

A California bankruptcy court is currently examining a forced bankruptcy petition filed against him by Brill and Witteles, and the new figures were included in Postle’s latest court filing.

Of the 25 separate debts Postle owes, he states that: The $ 82,113 credit goes to his own motherwho helped finance his legal fight with his ex-wife, Sabina Johnson.

In the note attached to the amount, the following was stated:

“Loans needed for many family courts and previous attorneys.”

Addition $ 54,727 owed entirely to Brill and Witteles, who: both won separate lawsuits against SLAPP earlier this year that leaves about half of Postle’s reported debts to be settled.

It appears that as many as 20 of these creditors are online loans or credit card companies, with apparently fully maximized balances on almost all of them. However, it may be Another attempt at Postle to abuse the systemby using its likely impending bankruptcy to pay off its recently accrued debt.

We wrote earlier this month on Postle’s further efforts to dismiss the case for compulsory bankruptcy, and this is the last report – having missed an appointment last month – Included further attempts to slander Brill’s attorney Marc J. Randazz.

Postle focused on GoFundMe Campaign Brill Launched To Raise Legal Fees To Fight Postle’s Late Defamation Suit Of $ 330 Million.

Entry $ 27,745 due to Randazza in Postle’s updated list of creditors:

“These attorney fees were raised and collected through GoFundMe, which was collected by his client [Brill], insidiously with a previously unknown member of your company as the beneficiary. The company tries to pay off this debt twice. ”

As almost everyone in the poker and legal community has pointed out, this is it of course it is notbecause Postle legally owes Brill and Witteles money independently.

In addition, Bill Perkins agreed to insure the legal defense, and the collected extra money went to new fully equipped wheelchair accessible van for poker fellow KL Cleetonneither of which affects Postle’s legal obligations in the slightest.

In a rather ironic way, the only debt that, according to Postle, is in the process of being paid off is: for your own carstating:

“I have made and continue to make all my car payments on time through the Ford Motor Credit Association on this particular funded debt.”

The bankruptcy case is ongoing and we’ll bring you all the latest details from the Postlegate saga when and when it happens.

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