MANSCAPED Seeks Wider Expansion in Asia for “Under-the-Belt” Men’s Products

MANSCAPED is a US-based brand that specializes in ‘below the belt’ grooming for men. It offers a range of personal care products such as shaving gels and deodorants as well as grooming tools.

“When MANSCAPED launched in 2016, the male grooming market was completely different – especially the groin grooming segment where we started… This area of ​​the male body had been neglected, forcing men to use unsuitable tools. , resulting in cuts, nicks and snags. We took care of that white space and launched a new category “, Stéphanie Hinze, Senior International Director, MANSCAPED.

Since its launch, the direct-to-consumer brand has diversified its product portfolio from toiletries and personal care products to lifestyle products such as boxers and t-shirts. It is now available in more than 30 countries, including the United States, Canada, Australia, New Zealand and South Africa.

In July, the brand marked its entry into Asia with an expansion to Singapore through Amazon and later made its full line available on its official Singapore website.

The company, like many others, sees Singapore as the gateway to wider expansion into the Asian market as it seeks to strengthen its international presence.

“Although Singapore is a relatively smaller country, it is a melting pot of cultures with the most advanced economy in Southeast Asia. With 77% of the population speaking English, we are excited to test and learn how to better serve our Asian consumers before we launch into adjacent countries in the region ”, Hinze said.

She added that the company sees plenty of opportunities in the region’s men’s grooming market, especially in its category, which is still in its infancy.

We see a great opportunity to fill a white space in the male grooming market in APAC with MANSCAPED’s nuanced product assortment initially focused on under-waist grooming, and soon followed by products that expand outside of the waistline. oldest boy.

Survey the landscape

While the company is keen to expand into all APAC markets as quickly as possible, it will take its time and focus on Singapore first and get to know the diverse region.

“Our strategic focus on Singapore will give MANSCAPED time to prepare our strategy for future development in Asia. As each country is extremely nuanced, we plan to develop our presence in a sustainable way in order to be able to respond to each one tactfully, while always ensuring that regional demand is met ”,Hinze said.

After Singapore, the firm plans to explore Asian markets above the equator, where it has yet to operate.

In the meantime, MANSCAPED’s strategy is to strengthen its presence through digital marketing, which has proven to be very effective for the brand so far.

MANSCAPED is known for its presence on YouTube and its partnerships with influencers. We plan to build relationships with local influencers to gain credibility and take advantage of the hype on platforms such as YouTube, BuzzFeed and the region’s Clicknetworks.

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