Limerick scam victim warning after losing € 10,000

A woman from COUNTY Limerick told how she was cheated on nearly 10,000 euros in savings when the perpetrators used multiple tricks to bleed her out.

It describes the sneaky, sneaky, and devious methods they used to steal her hard-earned savings. The woman does not want to be named, but wants to warn others not to fall into the traps she has fallen into.

“I saw an online loan ad for the first time on Facebook in January 2020. I decided to apply for a car loan of € 7,000. I got approval and then got an email that if I give them some money I would get more loan. So I gave them 300 euros, ”she said.

Requests for more money were coming in all the time. After a few months, she handed over € 3,000 and “there is no trace of my loan on the way.”

“I asked about it several times and got no answer from them,” she said. As if that were not enough, things took another two-faced turn.

“I got a message on WhatsApp from a man claiming to be a lawyer. He said they found a man who took money from me for an alleged loan. The “lawyer” said that if I pay him a fee of 300 euros, he could get my money back, so I paid it.

Then there was another twist in the story.

“A bank clerk sent me a message seeking money from me so he could send me the money I had lost. It cost 400 euros. I asked him why it is so expensive to transfer money from his account to my account.

“He said a bank in his country does it this way. He wanted my passport photo, address, everything. I gave him everything, thinking that in a few weeks I would get my money back, ”she said.

But she only got another request for money, this time allegedly from customs.

“It was about a package they had received from France for me, and it would have cost € 450 to send it to Ireland. I was becoming suspicious of all the different people who contacted me about my package. I was afraid someone would call my house when they had all my details.

“Then I got a message from the courier that he had a package for me in a warehouse in Belfast, but it would cost me to get to Limerick, so I paid for it.”

At this stage, she paid almost € 10,000 “only to find out that it was all a scam.”

“There were all the different people who gave me a loan, not a loan. I was worried about all this and decided to contact the guards. They said it was a scam and contacted the banks to which I deposited my money via online banking. The money could not be traced because it was deposited into foreign bank accounts in Spain, Great Britain and Portugal.

“I contacted my bank’s fraud department but was unable to get my money back. I’ve learned to never click on links in Facebook advertising loans. Money doesn’t come easy. I lost my money instead of getting the loan promised. “

She said she felt better after talking about how she got hooked and hopes that others won’t make the same mistakes as she did. Yet he still brought tears to her eyes.

The perpetrators not only robbed her money, they also took away her sense of security.

“I’m still afraid someone will call my house because they have my address. I even feel pressure to move elsewhere for safety. I’ve also changed my bank accounts and phone number since all this happened to me. “

She says she is now “broke” and has no chance of getting her money back, but she will have some compensation if others don’t get through what she has.


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