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Vijayawada: Krishna The district police has been taking strategic steps to investigate cybercrime for a year. This move is designed to prevent society from falling victim to cybercriminals. The neighborhood cyber wing has recently won the prestigious “Skoch Award” for its results in the fight against cybercrime.
The Krishna Police are organizing various programs in each police station area involving the police staff and the women’s police of the secretariat. The aim is to raise public awareness of the recent cybercrimes related to the Aadhaar payment system, online loans and the honey trap.
Precautions to be taken when sharing personal data on social media are also discussed.
The District Police is effective in investigating cybercrime through specialized training programs for the police.
A dedicated cyber unit has been established at district level to assist investigators in recruiting highly technically skilled personnel.
19 different types of cybercrime have been registered in Krishna County since last year, and the perpetrators were arrested in all cases.
In one such case, a woman complained to the Disha Police in Machilipatnam, claiming that an unknown person had sent her transformed photos to her Instagram account from two fake accounts.
The cybercriminal also demanded money from her. Later, Disha police seized the accused with the help of a cyber district.
In another case, a man got acquainted with a young woman in the Vatsavai mandala in Krishna District through a marriage site and cheated on her by collecting all her banking details and applying for 12 lakh online loans. Later he turned off the phone.
The woman approached the Vatsavai police. The case was registered and the cops gathered information about the accused via e-mail and arrested him in the Khammam District.
Krishna County Police won the ‘Skocha Award’ for their ‘District Cyber ​​Wing’ project. It is a special unit established to protect citizens from cybercrime. Its main goal is to develop knowledge, skills and competences related to cybersecurity and to raise awareness of cyber forensics tools.
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