Iranian Raisi threatens the “heart of Israel” in the event of “the smallest gesture”

Iran’s military will target Israel’s heart if it makes “the slightest move” against the Islamic Republic, President Ebrahim Raisi said Monday during a military parade.

“If you make the slightest gesture against our nation…the destination of our armed forces will be the heart of the Zionist regime”, Raisi said in a televised speech.

Raisi also spoke of the ever-closer cooperation between Israel and Arab states that have normalized their relations with the Jewish state.

“Our message to the Zionists is that if you pursue normalization with the countries of the region, you should know that your smallest action is not hidden from our armed forces and our intelligence services…”, he said. -he declares.

The establishment of full relations between the United Arab Emirates and Bahrain, two Arab states in the Persian Gulf, with Israel in 2020 was a significant setback for the Islamic Republic which has campaigned tirelessly to isolate what it calls “the Zionist enemy”.

Tehran’s nuclear program and support for militant groups in the region are what accelerated link building between the Arab states and Israel, which have begun to cooperate in the military and intelligence fields.

In February, Israeli defense chief Benny Gantz traveled to Bahrain, a small Persian Gulf country, to expand cooperation, after the Iran-backed Yemeni Houthis attacked the United Arab Emirates with missiles and weapons. drones in January.

In March, the United Arab Emirates, Bahrain, Egypt and Morocco held a summit in Israelin what was a historic development in the Middle East.

Raisi compared the opponents of the Islamic Republic to the Iraqi Saddam Hussein who attacked Iran in 1980, a year after the establishment of the new revolutionary regime. Eight years of war followed with neither side winning. Saddam was eventually overthrown by a US invasion in 2003 and hanged by a new government.

Raisi said Iran’s enemies should look at what happened to the Iraqi leader and learn their own lessons.

He also drew attention to statements by the Biden administration that US “maximum pressure” sanctions against the Islamic Republic have failed. Iranian officials used this line of attack against the United States, after the State Department on January 25 criticized former President Donald Trump’s withdrawal from the 2015 nuclear agreement known as the JCPOA. , and the imposition of sanctions on Iran.

“Today the State Department spokesperson announces to the world that we [the US] are shamefully defeated in the sanction and [exerting] maximum pressure on Iran, and that is the fate of those who want to confront the Islamic system,” Raisi said.

Iranian Supreme Leader Ali Khamenei also used this argumentclaiming that the United States has been defeated and must accept Iran’s terms in a new nuclear deal.

Nuclear negotiations that began in April 2021 have stalled as Tehran demanded the removal of the Revolutionary Guards (IRGC) from the US list of Foreign Terrorist Organizations (FTO).

Senior Iranian officials, while insisting on their “red lines” in the talks, are trying to put on a good face, insisting they were able to circumvent US sanctions by exporting more oil and repatriating the funds. The Biden administration apparently eased the application of sanctions in 2021 as it tried to reach a new agreement with Tehran to restore the JCPOA.

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