Iran Spent $ 600 Million on Apple Phone Imports from Year to March

Iran spent some $ 600 million on imports of luxury phones made by Apple in the year ending March.

Figures provided by Iranian officials and corroborated by a local news agency show that a fifth of all funds spent by the country on mobile phone imports from the year to March went to luxury devices manufactured by the American company Apple Inc.

Figures cited in a Sunday report by the semi-official Tasnim news agency showed imports of Apple phones into Iran amounted to $ 600 million in value in the calendar year ending March 20. .

The report states that around 600,000 Apple phones were imported to Iran during the period despite the country being subject to the most severe economic sanctions by the United States.

Senior Iranian officials have warned against using hard-earned foreign exchange funds to import luxury goods as the country struggles under illegal US bans.

Ayatollah Seyyed Ali Khamenei, leader of the Islamic Revolution, has specifically mentioned Apple phones in his speeches in recent years, urging Iranians to boycott the “luxury” product to signal their discontent with US policies towards it. Iran.

However, an Iranian telecommunications ministry official told Tasnim that imports of Apple phones into Iran were responsible for nearly 20% of the value of all cellphone shipments that arrived in the country from the year to March.

Iran spent $ 2.9 billion on imports of 15.6 million phones during the period, said Akbar Soltani, who added that the government is expected to further increase the current tariff by 12% on imports. of phones with a price of more than 600 dollars to avoid further losses on the foreign country. monetary resources.

The United States still maintains a series of economic sanctions that were imposed on Iran in 2018 after a former US government withdrew from an international agreement on the country’s nuclear program.

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