I have proof of Pfizer vaccine imports – but I haven’t disclosed it yet


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Clint Arjoon, president of the Fyzabad Chamber of Commerce and Industry, said he stands by his claims that Pfizer vaccines have been introduced in this country and distributed to healthcare professionals.

Although chief medical officer Dr Roshan Parasram said anyone with information about it should report it to the appropriate authorities, Arjoon said he would not.

On Wednesday morning, on TV6’s Morning Edition talk show with host Fazeer Mohammed, Arjoon said he was “aware that Pfizer vaccines have entered this country.”

“… And a certain medical establishment – their employees have been vaccinated with Pfizer. How come we never heard of Pfizer entering this country? “

Mohammed asked, “Do you know that for a fact, Mr. Arjoon? To which he replied: “Yes, I know that for a fact.”

To date, the only vaccines the government has received for public distribution are the AstraZeneca and Sinopharm vaccines.

Asked about this at the Health Ministry’s virtual press conference on Wednesday morning, Parasram has so far said that the Pfizer vaccine “has not been imported through legal government channels.”

He said he had confirmed with the Chief of the Food and Drugs Division that no such request had been made to that department.

“And no approval, therefore, was given. So if anyone has contacted Pfizer, it will be through illegal channels.

“If any information is known, you can share that information offline with myself or with the Food and Drug Department and we will investigate it further.”

Newsday contacted Arjoon afterwards for more details, but he has said so far that he will not release any further information on his claims. But he said he sticks to what he said.

“Why should it be reported?” ” He asked. “Has anything ever come out saying that someone who privately brought the Pfizer vaccine was illegal?”

“Probably he (Parasram) doesn’t know if he’s been approved… When they find guns and things after the fact that means he’s been approved and then after they find him?” Because in order for weapons to enter people’s homes, isn’t it customs that clears the weapons? “

When asked if the facility he spoke of was north or south of Trinidad, he replied that he preferred not to specify but would only respond that it was in Trinidad and not in Tobago. .

“This information, at this point, I will choose to withhold it.”

When asked if he thought it fair to make such a statement and not give the public any supporting evidence, he replied, “In due course, it will come out when it needs to be.

“Because of what I said today, the number of calls I have received from eminent people reveals some things now. So it is only a matter of time.

He said he couldn’t tell who was calling him.

He has not yet been vaccinated against covid19 but said he plans to go to Miami to get the shot and return home since the Pfizer vaccine is readily available there.

“I prefer to take the Pfizer.

“I have a lot of friends who have been out there before and taken the vaccine and they just walked in… so many different places giving it away.”

On May 21, Health Minister Terrence Deyalsingh signed a Legal Opinion (# 174 of 2021) titled “New Drug Approval” under the Food and Drugs Act.

Among those approved were the vaccines Pfizer, Sinopharm and AstraZeneca.

Pfizer’s home country was Germany, China for the Sinopharm vaccine and the Netherlands for the AstraZeneca vaccine.

The condition of sale for all three is “Pandemic Use / Emergency Use Authorization / Individual 18 Years and Over”.

Last week, the Prime Minister insisted during a press conference that “at no time during the management of this pandemic has the government ever taken a position vis-à-vis the private sector: ‘You do not you don’t get involved in the vaccine screening, we keep it under ourselves and you don’t bring any vaccine here because we don’t want it.

“All we have said from the start, over and over again, is that we as a sovereign state have been alongside others trying to buy vaccines and vaccines are not available in trade. “

He said he would be the “happiest person in the world” if a private sector entity in the country could say, “I have been able to get WHO approved vaccines and have them for sale in Trinidad and Tobago. -Tobago. to be the happiest person. “

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