France bans imports of poultry from animals on antibiotics

In a decree which will mainly concern the poultry market, France announces the ban on imports of animal meat treated with growth antibiotics from April 22.

Reuters reports that France is anticipating an EU-wide measure which was due to come into force at the end of January but was delayed by the lack of legislation on health checks, the agriculture ministry said in a statement.

An official from the French Ministry of Agriculture noted that poultry would be, by far, the biggest market affected by the ban, which will come into force on April 22, giving the poultry sector 2 months to gain assurance from their suppliers that the meat does not come from farming. using growth antibiotics, and modifying their supply chain if necessary.

In 2021, France imported around 45% of the chicken it consumed, whether of EU or non-EU origin, Reuters reports the French poultry industry group, Anvol. He added that Anvol welcomed France’s decision, but said the ban would only be effective when applied EU-wide, as many imports pass through the port of Rotterdam.

The EU mainly imports poultry from Brazil, Thailand and Ukraine.

France also recently banned the slaughter of day-old male chicks, as recently reported poultry world.

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