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LONDON: A new report details the shocking extent of Islamophobia and marginalization facing Muslim staff at the UK’s National Health Service.

A survey of dozens of Muslim healthcare workers, conducted jointly by the Muslim Doctors Association and campaign group The Gray Area, found evidence of “discrimination, racism and Islamophobia” in the darling public healthcare system. from the country.

According to the report, which was released this week, “Muslim healthcare professionals (health professionals) experience prejudice at work from their colleagues and patients.” He added that nearly four in ten workers had experienced verbal abuse about their faith from co-workers.

In addition, “the majority of Muslim healthcare professionals have faced a threat of otherness and stereotyping associated with identity concealment and inability to fully devote themselves to work,” the report states, and ” two-thirds don’t feel comfortable raising concerns at work ”.

Aside from outright abuse, Muslims also face more flexible barriers to advancing their careers in the NHS, the researchers found.

“Almost nine in ten Muslim healthcare professionals do not know Muslims in leadership and management positions and more than two-thirds cannot identify role models with whom they can relate to and give them confidence in their progress. career, ”according to the report. “Almost half said they had considered quitting their profession,” he added.

An anonymous survey respondent said, “I haven’t had any sick days in three years. I took a sick day and got a call from a coworker saying that people including my boss were talking about me behind my back that I was faking it. I returned to work the next day even though I was not ready.

Another said they “had heard directly from patients that I should not be trusted because I am a Muslim.”

The report includes a series of recommendations on how the NHS could improve its policies to better accommodate Muslim staff and eradicate Islamophobia within the sprawling organization.

He encourages hospitals and other health facilities to appoint more Muslims to leadership positions to ensure adequate representation and to create a “zero tolerance policy against Islamophobia.”

The report said: “The NHS has a zero tolerance policy towards abuse and discrimination and this needs to be implemented with perpetrators held accountable. Zero tolerance policies should also explicitly include Islamophobia. When Muslim colleagues report incidents of Islamophobia, they should be taken seriously, with safe psychological passages to raise concerns. “

He also called on the NHS to look beyond its own organization to tackle Islamophobia within it.

“Change is not possible unless the political environment changes,” the report said. “It takes genuine allies to push their MPs and their government to embrace a definition of Islamophobia and challenge negative media stereotypes about Muslims, which fuel prejudice, prejudice and discrimination.

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