Do not even try! This is a terrible risk if you are desperate for debt repayment

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Fintech Peer to Peer (P2P), or online loans (Pinjol), is a shortcut for those who need money quickly. Despite all the facilities listed, please note that there is a risk of default.

Loans also have higher interest rates and a shorter repayment period than conventional loans. Thanks to this, borrowers do not fall enslaved to loans to such an extent that they are unable to pay back installments.

If the debtor defaults, there are several risks the debtor has to bear. Summary by dateticcom, Sunday (7/24/2022), here is the list:

1. Enter the OJK SLIK blacklist

When applying for a loan or credit, the public will usually be asked to include a number of personal details, such as KTP, KK, NPWP and pay slips. If there are still outstanding legal debts remaining, the application will not be accepted.

This is because personal data has been blacklisted in the Financial Information Services System (SLIK OJK) by checking BI. If so, you will not be able to apply for help from financial institutions.

“As with applying for a KPR (Home Ownership Loan) or KPM (Car Ownership Loan), it will be rejected. You cannot be hired for a job at a financial institution because of your BI blacklisted status, ”says Andy Nugroho Said, financial planner at Consultative Alliance Group Indonesia.

It is worth noting that SLIK Bank contains information about the history of debtors and other financial institutions, and in particular about whether customer loan payments are smooth or not. Records were collected from exchanges between banks and financial institutions, including debtors, collateral, owners and managers who became debtors, amounts of financing received, history of loan payments and bad debts.

2. The debt collector is being prosecuted

Debtors who are always absent from the legal payment of their debts will surely follow in the footsteps of borrowers who make deposits directly at home. This will happen after the first reminder via SMS, e-mail and telephone.

If it does, it will affect your daily activities as well as your feelings of tension from fear. This is what DetikCom’s sources have experienced as, say, Wawa (name changed), who has a lot of debts but refuses to pay back.

“I couldn’t sleep thinking that tomorrow I would have to pay off this installment, as if people were already stressed, uncomfortable, traveling fearing to go home, that’s all. Returning home for illegal (loans) Impossible, ”he said.

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