China continues military expansion in Solomon Islands

Although China has claimed that it has no intention of building a military base in Honiara, a leaked secret document portrays the opposite by exposing China to its intentions to consolidate its military presence in the Solomon Islands. Recently, a secret document was leaked after Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi visited eight South Pacific countries, starting with the Solomon Islands, the Taipei Times reported.

The Chinese foreign minister said the aim of the agreement between the two countries was to help the Solomon Islands improve the law enforcement capabilities of its police force. In addition, Wang said the agreement “aims to help Solomon Islands improve its policing and law enforcement capabilities, and to help Solomon Islands better protect its social security.” .

However, the issue is still causing concern in Australia, as well as in Europe and the Americas. The Soloman Islands are not the first target of the Chinese plan. Earlier, in 2017, China established its first overseas base in the East African nation of Djibouti and held regular military training exchanges with its two main security partners, Russia and the Pakistan, the Taipei Times reported.

In recent years, China has trained law enforcement agencies in developing countries in Africa, Central and South America, and Southeast Asia in the name of “public security and police exchanges”. and provided them with inexpensive hardware and software support. free of charge. In 2011, he set up the joint law enforcement headquarters of China, Laos, Myanmar and Thailand Joint Patrol on the Mekong River in China’s Yunnan Province, and the four countries conducted at least 117 joint patrols.

The presence of Chinese officials in developing countries shows the extent of Beijing’s influence and penetration in the region, according to the Taipei Times. China derives many benefits from these arrangements, such as asking for natural resources in exchange for training. For example, Ecuador has traded oil for surveillance systems made by Chinese companies Huawei Technologies and Hangzhou Hikvision Digital Technology, which allow its law enforcement agencies to increase surveillance of political opponents and the public, a reported the Taipei Times.

In some cases, China sends members of its military and police units as advisers, establishing an international system of “Chinese-style law enforcement and security cooperation”. According to the publication, China’s presence in Southeast Asia, Africa and Latin America poses a threat to their security and erodes the sovereignty of the countries concerned. China can also use the equipment involved to conduct overseas intelligence gathering, which is a violation of global democracy and freedom. (ANI)

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