Besyncly “reinvents the brand” in preparation for global expansion

The Besyncly cloud software platform, formerly Cloud Data Exchange, has changed its name and strengthened its product offering targeting global markets.

Besyncly’s offering is an enterprise software integration product that helps e-commerce and other businesses ensure their mission-critical systems are “talking to each other”, by automating data transfers between accounting software , e-commerce platforms and CRMs.

The integration tool has already processed tens of millions of data transactions this year and is up 70% from the same period in 2021.

Besyncly’s product offering is the result of 15 years of development by its founders, business solutions technology company Eureka Solutions.

Mike Hall, Managing Director of Besyncly, Eureka Solutions, said, “This reimagining of our brand is timely and has galvanized the entire company.

“Manual data transfer remains the bane of working life. While the platforms companies use every day can be brilliant, they rarely talk to each other, leaving gaps that need to be filled – a laborious and unrewarding task.

“The result is detrimental to businesses on three fronts: the huge amount of wasted time, the delay in updating data, and ultimately the errors that creep in and make data unreliable.”

He added: “For customers who may have products showing as in-stock when they are not, delayed shipments, unsent shipping notices – and even lost orders. Besyncly helps solve all of this, leaving businesses to focus on growth and the future.


While the company will initially focus on consolidating and expanding its growing UK business, the rebranding allows the company to expand into other territories, with the US designated as a key area that could drive future growth. However, the company said an immediate priority is expanding its partner network.

Mike added, “Software integration is a real buzzword these days, as its absence is a barrier to business growth. There is no limit to the potential of Besyncly as these issues are encountered by businesses regardless of their geography.

“We already have a team experienced in selling, implementing and supporting the product. We have 40 readily available connectors – the links between two platforms – and our teams can also build custom connectors for clients.

“These solutions do not exist for us on the market. We already work with two or three person businesses all the way up to £1 billion+ businesses as the solution grows with the business.

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