Amazon Launches Featured Items Section To Boost Retail Sales

Amazon seems to have come up with a new idea to keep users in India glued to its app a bit longer. Its featured articles for users to read and cover topics ranging from politics, governance and business to entertainment, health and fitness, sports, books and food, and almost everything. the rest. These will consist of articles, commentaries and analyzes which will be collected from reputable local press houses and magazines. The articles will be available both on its applications as well as on the website.

A notification to this effect is also sent to Kindle users to improve the audience. Amazon said some items will be available exclusively on its platform to allow for the creation of a dedicated user base. It comes just weeks after Amazon launched its ad-supported free video streaming service in the country. Named Mini TV, the service is available directly in the Amazon India app itself.

Amazon launched a similar free video streaming service in the United States about two years ago. This is in addition to its Prime Video streaming service which Amazon says helps drive sales through its main shopping app. The Mini TV and now featured articles will further assist in this effort. No doubt the user’s preferences will be taken into account before presenting an article to the user so that they have a better chance of engagement.

Amazon wants to become the largest retail platform in India, but faces tremendous domestic competition in the form of Jio-Mart, backed by Reliance. The Tata group has also announced its intention to soon join the e-commerce space with a great application that it is developing. No wonder Amazon is increasing its stake and doing all it can to gain more market share. At present, it covers a 31.2% share of the e-commerce market in India, while Walmart-owned Flipkart has 32% of the market.

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