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THE CITY OF KOWET, October 30, 2021 / PRNewswire / – Alghanim Industries, one of the region’s largest privately-owned companies, recently opened a new prefabricated steel building (PEB) manufacturing plant located in Gujarat, india fifth largest state. The facility will increase Kirby Building Systems’ manufacturing capacity by India from 200,000 metric tons (MT) to 300,000 MT per year. The new plant is expected to be fully operational by the end of 2022, boosting india the economy and the creation of hundreds of jobs. This will be Kirby’s third plant in India, joining a global network of five EPB facilities serving more than 70 countries.

A subsidiary of Alghanim Industries, Kirby Building Systems is credited with the introduction of ILLs in India in the late 1999s, playing a crucial role in the growth of the country’s infrastructure at all levels. In addition to building several metro stations that connect several provinces, serving thousands of commuters every day, it built the Renault Nissan plant in Chennai, the largest PEB building in the world. The award-winning colossal 300,000 m2 The plant, built in 2011, has a production capacity of nearly 400,000 vehicles per year.

Kirby’s portfolio in steel structures also includes factory halls, warehouses and distribution centers dedicated to serving a growing e-commerce market, with a number of international clients including Amazon and Toshiba.

The company’s journey to the global steel pioneer scene has been paved with constant innovation, expanding into markets with its branded, environmentally friendly and fully recyclable steel.

Executive Chairman of Alghanim Industries, Sir Kutayba Y. Alghanim, acquired Kirby Building Systems and relocated the company from the United States to Kuwait in 1976. It then addresses a country in full economic and urban growth, imbued with that of Kuwait transition to a modern and developed nation. Kirby has expanded its operations beyond that of Kuwait borders with neighboring countries and regions. In addition to its manufacturing facilities at India, Kirby Building Systems also operates facilities in the United Arab Emirates and Vietnam, possessing a combined production capacity of over 400,000 tons per year. Kirby is currently operating new manufacturing facilities in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

“Kirby’s success is a story we are very proud of at Alghanim Industries. When we introduced the concept, first by Kuwait then in the region, the company was a small but ambitious steel company that sought to change the way we think about construction. Today Kirby is a household name associated with quality, excellence, efficiency – and a global leader in the ILL industry. Our significant investments in this area will support growing demand for our products and continue to set the standard in all of our markets. We are grateful for the support of our customers who have been and remain at the heart of everything we do. “

Pointing to other investment plans in the PEB industry, Mr. Alghanim also added that “we are approaching a new period of transition in our region, which we believe will bring enormous opportunities in this sector. The technological innovations that we have championed for more than four decades are perfectly suited to support the rapid growth and development demonstrated by that of Kuwait vision 2035, and that of neighboring countries such as Saudi Arabia, which is embarking on a journey of transformation as part of its Vision 2030. At Alghanim Industries, we continue to strive to do our part to support these ambitious and forward-looking goals. ”

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