Have your son or daughter continue their studies with a student loan

The end of the holiday is in sight. Also for college and university students. As a parent, do you wonder how you are going to pay for those studies? Registration fees, study materials, a laptop, internet, costs for a room or transport, … Higher education is not cheap. With a student loan you have extra space in your budget. See angsecyp.org for an illustration

Studying at college or university, an expensive joke?

With higher education you invest in your child’s future . In recent years, subsidies from the Flemish government have unfortunately been cut. As a result, the registration costs for colleges and universities increased. A cost that is usually paid by the parents.

If your student goes into student accommodation, the bill is even higher. You can apply for a study allowance but not everyone is entitled to this.

In student rooms, time to become independent

Having a flat has its advantages. This way your student does not have to travel back and forth every day and he learns to live independently, manage his own budget, … But there is also a price tag attached to it. For example, a student room costs an average of 1000 euros per month . How do you ensure enough space in your budget if you have to pay for this?

Your student will continue studying thanks to a student loan

In Belgium you can borrow to pay for your child’s study costs . Such a loan is actually a personal loan with a fixed interest rate . You therefore repay a fixed amount each month. The amount differs from bank to bank and depends on the size of the loan, the duration and the interest rate. You can take out the loan within 24 hours . It is adapted to your situation and thanks to the distribution of costs, you have room for other expenses.

“Borrowing money also costs money.” Make sure that you can pay off if you borrow. Know in advance how much you can borrow and repay each month. That way you have enough room for other expenses. Get advice if you need more information.

Find the student loan that suits you

Find the student loan that suits you

You can borrow through a bank, but do you know that you can do this better with an independent broker ? Because it compares the offer from different banks , it can propose the best offer for your situation. Be a little prepared when you consult him.

Money lending is a credit advisor . Thanks to his advice you can lend to the best conditions. Your application is submitted to various credit companies. You will then receive a proposal without obligation, fully customized . Attention is paid to: the amount to be borrowed, the monthly costs and the interest rate. You can also do a simulation on the Money Lending website.